Modelling your processes quickly and comprehensibly

Modelling your processes quickly and comprehensibly

Are you still creating your business processes incomprehensibly and time-consumingly in Word, Excel or Visio?
You want to easily and intuitively model all your business processes and manage them centrally in one database?
Do you no longer want to have overloaded process graphics with lots of small print, arrows and branches that are completely incomprehensible to your employees?

With sycat Process Designer you can create your business processes in just a few clicks using drag & drop. Your process management can be so fast and simple. All your processes (no matter what notation) are centrally stored and managed in a database, so you do not need to laboriously add changes to every process. You just make the change at one point and it is automatically converted to all processes in the database.
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Do you not only want to model colourful pictures, but also describe your processes directly and completely?
In sycat Process Designer you can develop your processes directly during the modelling process. For example, add work steps, IT systems, responsibilities, key figures and all your specifications directly to your activities.


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