Your process and documents on an Intranet portal

Your process and documents on an Intranet portal

sycat IMS Portal is the perfect solution for publishing all your processes and documents within your company. The portal controls, manages, versions and archives all your processes and documents and you instantly publish everything relevant to the people or groups perfectly using the integrated rights management system. As a result, every employee only gets to see the most important information, clearly and accurately.

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The sycat IMS Portal is the gateway to your management system, to all valid processes and documents. Good structuring is required, with a manageable process landscape and detailed processes. The documents are well sorted, easy to find and linked to one another or to the processes.

For this purpose, a portal has to have all the properties of a document management system, i.e. individual addressing of the documents and processes based on mailing lists, versioning of all documents, intelligent search functions, automatic notification of relevant changes or new features and updates, etc. The sycat IMS Portal delivers all of this in combination with the°sycat Process Designer pro, which is used for process modelling.


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