Clear, well-structured specifications

Clear, well-structured specifications

Save your documents quickly and safely ...
Which documents does the new employee need?
Which one was the valid hygiene standard for the production line again?
Which inspections are carried out at incoming goods?
And where is the application for leave?
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You’re bound to know lots of other similar questions and one thing is certain: With the many standards, guidelines and documentation commitments, every employee does not need all the corporate documents, it is far better for them to receive those that are personally relevant to them. At best, the documents are structured and sorted, there is seamless version management, intelligent search functions, and every employee is immediately informed about relevant changes and new features or updates.

That is what the sycat IMS Portal delivers. The processes from the°sycat Process Designer°can also be published versioned in the sycat IMS Portal and it is possible to access related documents from the processes.



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