sycat IMS Portal

One portal for the entire organisation

You are looking for a plain presentation of your processes without laborious orientation of your staff?

All individually relevant processes, documents and information shall be made available for your staff in a well-structured way in order to avoid time-wasting searches?

Continuous improvement and communication regarding your processes and documents is particularly important for you?

You want a central portal for the know-how of your entire company?

sycat IMS Portal is the appropriate tool for you.

Growing demands on the system and a high number of formalities often lead to a neglect of documentation functionalities. In consequence, time and effort for actualisation and distribution of documents increase immensely. Effective remedy is offered by a document management system which reliably ensures compilation, distribution and updates of all important documents across the entire organisation.

Administration of your QM-Documents conforming to standards

One central filing for company-wide access. Managing documents and processes is truly simple using our system platform sycat IMS Portal. The intuitive user interface enables you to control a high number of documents across their whole life cycle. Set a corner stone today for your modern information infrastructure. Make use of a fundamental portal for presentation of currently mandatory documents. sycat provides functionalities for archiving documents in read-only format in compliance with archiving guidelines, for protection of data from unauthorised access as well as for controlled elimination of documents..

Publishing processes and documents via intranet

  • Intuitive handling by all your staff
  • User specific distribution of processes and documents – “Everyone only sees what he / she needs to know”
  • Automatically set revision status and archival storage of processes and documents
  • All processes and documents are connected to their corresponding ones
  • Our integrated workflow ensures control and distribution of your documents in compliance with norms and standards
  • Employees can take active part in the improvement of processes and thus are engaged in continuous improvement
  • By means of the integrated full-text search every employee quickly finds the necessary information within the whole system
  • At any time users have access only to the latest version of all documents
  • Access is feasible using any web browser anywhere – on mobile terminals also

The clearance and control processes in the sycat IMS Portal

sycat IMS Portal includes an automated clearance process for the new creation, modification and withdrawal of documents and processes. This application can be used within the context of document types to flexibly design the responsibilities for the automated clearance process and thus take the specific eventualities of the organisation in regard to creation, inspection, clearance and revision into account.

  • Simple masks for quick and complication-free processing
  • Easily adaptable to your processes
  • The workflow can be designed elaborately or briefly with the role concept according to the type of document.
  • Personalised dashboard with all tasks
  • Inspections and clearances are also possible outside of the workflow application, but are documented in the workflow.
  • Direct publishing and clearance of sycat processes
  • Uncontrolled documents can also be published in the portal with adapted workflow functions.
  • Automatic availability of sycat process outputs and automated publishing
  • Flexible design of role models
  • Provision of document templates
  • Direct opening, processing and saving of Word and Excel documents in the application
  • Automatic filling of text markers in Word and Excel
  • Automatic creation of comparative documents for various document versions
  • Automatic review functionality, automatic withdrawal when reaching the »Valid-until date«
  • Function »Withdraw from circulation« during change process and »Withdraw«
  • Fully created with responsive design


User specific login

Every user is assigned an individual authorisation for accessing the sycat BPM Portal. In the following you can distribute documents and processes only to the users who need to know them. This way acceptance is high because everybody only sees what he/she needs. Also, every user can adapt the portal to the own needs, e. g. by defining one’s favourites.

Full-text search

Making use of the integrated and configurable full-text search you can quickly find the necessary document or desired process. There is an end of searching for documents file after file!

Automated work flow

Automated work flow for examination and approval of documents and processes. The integrated work flow ensures control and publishing of documents and processes in compliance with standards.



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