sycat Flow | process automation

Workflow management for excellent process automation

Do you want to simplify and automate standards of process descriptions?

Are you looking for a solution for autonomous automation by yourself?

Are these partly your requirements?
So take a look to the solution sycat Flow for process automation and the simple fast workflow creation.

sycat Flow is a simple and pragmatic solution for standardising, automating and transparently depicting organisational process sequences within the company including clearance and authorisation processes..

High revision security, user acceptance and process transparency

  • Independent company-wide application
  • Definition of appointments, priorities and escalations
  • System-supported processes with efficiency increase
  • Output of reports and analyses with evaluation of flow efficiency
  • Design of entry masks according to the corporate design of your company

Take advantage of the web-based option to process your clearances on a PC or mobile terminal device in a software-protected, prompt and barrier-free manner. sycat Flow lets your processes come alive while ensuring revision security; processes are handled within your company according to your exact specifications. You will be thrilled to discover how easy it is to configure process parameters for real-life application within your company. Transparently visualised business processes make it easier for employees to perform determined and recurring activities according to company requirements. sycat Flow supports the automation of standardised processes and thus reduces the time expenditure for the execution of processes. Business processes developed with the sycat Process Designer pro are the basis for the parameter configuration in the sycat IMS Portal and serve as a framework for process sequence control. Specific execution security is provided with intuitive user guidance and additional, sufficiently flexible manoeuvring room so you can promptly develop a wide range of independent software applications as for example confirmation, clearance
or change processes.


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