Perfect SAP integration

Perfect SAP integration

Have you already launched SAP in your company but are having difficulties implementing change requests?

The introduction and configuration of SAP systems is proving to be costly and time consuming as a result of the function-based structures?

Imprecise and non-transparent communication processes between IT and other departments result in misunderstandings?  

Then sycat for SAP is precisely the right solution for you.

With sycat for SAP you avoid time consuming and expensive change requests by applying a process-oriented project design for the implementation and configuration of SAP-systems. Transform talking at cross-purposes into transparent target-oriented and simple communication. Make use of sycat IMS’ practical and integrated approach with the sycat for SAP® solution. Using sycat for SAP, you document and analyse your business processes, model your business processes according to SAP-standards with the support of SAP reference models and identify your (ERP) business requirements within the process. Making use of the seamless integration with the SAP® Solution Manager, you synchronise important process components and transactions with the SAP process library which then form the basis for documenting SAP projects. Besides creating the actual target concept of the SAP blueprint, these results support other project tasks with the development of test scenarios, training documents and authorisation concepts.

Perfect SAP integration including blueprint synchronisation

sycat for SAP generates a business process model from your existing SAP system landscape with the SAP transactions, business objects and organizational structures used, which you can adapt, expand and restore. With sycat for SAP, you can reduce costs and time and minimise the risks associated with SAP launches, adaptations and upgrades by providing a clear understanding, better communication and collaboration between professional and technical stakeholders.

Application scenarios and value added

  • Transparent, simplified, expedient communication in SAP® projects
  • Common process-oriented language with respect to the SAP® solutions offered
  • Significantly reduced workload in SAP® projects
  • Reduction in number of change requests
  • Practical and integrated approach
  • Implementation of SAP® and business blueprinting
  • Release replacement and upgrade of SAP® systems
  • System consolidation
  • Splitting of SAP® systems
  • SOA projects and business process management
  • Security audits and compliance management features
  • Modelling and visualising of ideal business processes according to SAP® standards
  • Synchronisation between sycat for SAP and SAP® Solution Manager
  • Integration of project repository using the SAP® Solution Manager’s business blueprint

Blueprint synchronisation for SAP projects

Design the structures of SAP processes within the scope of a business blueprint and thus provide key users and IT experts with transparent bases for their decisions. The business process is implemented afterwards. You individually define the SAP transactions’ degree of automation.

Interaction of components

  • SAP-ERP solutions
  • SAP® Solution Manager with the SAP® process repository to develop and document projects for SAP-ERP solutions
  • sycat for SAP to document, analyse, optimise and synchronise business processes with the SAP® Solution Manager

Concepts and methods offered by SAP® AG to optimise SAP-end-to-end-processes, for Run-SAP and ASAP as well as the SAP Solution Manager tool are ideal for creating a business process management platform which helps to improve communication between users and IT and SAP experts.

sycat for SAP is a link between the two perspectives: the IT experts’ view based on the IT system on the one hand and the departments with their process-oriented perspective on the other hand. The visualised business processes are connected to SAP Solution Manager in a way that allows access to its data and information even without any specialist IT knowledge.

One language for IT experts and key users

Developing target processes together with key users, process consultants, SAP specialists and IT experts promotes an early understanding of the implementation of SAP® processes and therefore reduces the risk in SAP projects due to less change requests.

sycat for SAP acts as a distributor and sorter in communication between all parties involved in update, implementation and release processes. sycat for SAP is a consistent add-on for the process oriented SAP® Solution Manager. A process-oriented approach can be applied right from the start by describing the ideal business principles deduced from the daily business environment’s relevant data and information. Thus avoiding costly and time-consuming translation processes.


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