Simulating and analysing processes

Simulating and analysing processes

Do you want to test processes, simulate operations, identify bottlenecks and weak spots?

Should cost and staffing requirement analyses be automated with differentiation according to processing, set-up, waiting and transport times?

Do you want to check how resilient the processes are by analysing bottlenecks?

Then the sycat Process Analyser is just the right tool for you.

The sycat Process Analyser is a tool for analysing and simulating your processes while evaluating potential. Test the efficiency of your planned processes prior to implementation. Dynamic simulation allows for a realistic analysis of the processes. Besides the classic analysis of processing and throughput times, you also have the option of creating reports about waiting times. As a result, you can tap into the full potential by avoiding excess, critical points of friction and too long waiting times. It only takes two steps to switch from sycat Process Designer pro to sycat Process Analyser with its graphically animated simulation. The orders are already displayed graphically animated in the process model during the simulation. During the continuous simulation of the order or the object, the sequence is colour-coded by status, waiting position, processing or forwarding. If a build-up of a process sequence of orders or objects occurs, the functions are also highlighted.

Simulation of processes with localisation of bottlenecks through analysis

More than 20 freely definable analyses are possible. For example: Actual allocation of a business process, utilisation of a business process, actual allocation of an order/object or order/object throughput. A detailed staffing requirements analysis is also possible using the results of a simulation using the sycat Process Analyser. The number of hours needed for the successful processing of an order is clearly represented. Combined with the number of annual working hours and the number of orders per year, reliable data is provided for staffing requirements planning.

Ensuring the resilience of processes

  • Record different types of process costs systematically and distinguish between those costs dependent on an operation and those dependent on time with freely definable cost types
  • Analysis of costs for staff and in total, broken down into those dependent on operation and time considering the probabilities of ramifications, frequencies and times
  • Analysis of a process’ cycle time – comparing as-is time with target time
  • Analysis of a process’ total input time – comparing as-is time with target time
  • Analysis of total input and cycle times – comparing two process alternatives
  • You obtain – all the necessary information about the real costs and total input and cycle times using the “Route calculation” function for a process within the sycat Process Analyser.

Ideal right from the start

The effective improvement of processes with visible results in respect of cycle time and costs gives you the best results right from the start. The calculation and visualisation of cost- and time-relevant changes are presented instantly as well. Non-executable processes can therefore be detected quickly – together with an overall evaluation of the dynamic system behaviour with regard to a process alternative’s stability and flexibility.

Concept and planning made simple

When aiming at improving process performance, you simply evaluate different process improvements and changes according to the relevant performance indicators. The new target processes are dynamically evaluated according to the probability of each process step. As a result, different scenarios and operating situations can be simulated during the planning phase and exploited using the representative key figures.

Stability and process reliability

An integrated process analysis with instant calculation of the change effects regarding process times and costs supports you in maintaining the operability and security of the process. You gain insight into the performance of development processes and bottleneck analyses identify and quantify resource shortfalls.


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