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sycat IMS management carried out a comprehensive reorganisation and expansion with the takeover of the contents of the predecessor company. Resulting in a corporate structure based on the successes of a decade-long market presence and the innovative realisation of pioneering technologies. The new business model was organised in a sustainable and future-proof manner as part of this restructure. sycat IMS has been successfully developing the BPM software sycat that is used worldwide since. As a standard tool for process management, sycat is also used during the course of challenging projects by the consultancy company proWert Consulting, founded by Marco Idel and Frank Schroeder.

Marco Idel

Dipl.-Ing. Marco Idel
CEO, shareholder

idel-marcoMarco Idel first graduated as an industrial mechanic before successfully completing his mechanical engineering studies at Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. He worked as a consultant on various industrial projects at Dr. Binner CIM-House. He then took over the tasks of Sales Manager and is still serving the customer base today.

Frank Schroeder

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Schroeder
CEO, shareholder

schroeder-frankAfter studying mechanical engineering at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Frank Schroeder was the Head of Consultancy at Dr. Binner CIM-House and oversaw various projects in the implementation of process-oriented quality management systems and integrated management systems. He is a certified quality auditor (TÜV), EFQM assessor, KTQ trainer and project manager (GPM).




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