Company profile

Company profile

sycat IMS develops the sycat BPM software, which has been established on the market for many years, and also offers customer-specific, processor-oriented application development. As a competence partner for management solutions and database-driven organization and process design, we design individual solutions for our customers in event-oriented process landscapes by means of optimized processes in a high-performance workflow system. Our core competences lie in the introduction of integrated management systems according to the most diverse standard requirements in many industries.


The foundation of a quality-oriented company and the guarantee for the implementation of quality and change are the employees of a company. Employee orientation is therefore an important part of sycat IMS's development services in connection with customer, process and success orientation. Our focus is not only on compliance with standards and specifications, but also on the contribution of a management system to economic process optimization and a continuous improvement process. Our aim is to achieve sustainable results by contributing to an optimally oriented management system.

History of sycat

As early as 1988 Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. F. Binner presented the sycat software as the first solution for business process modeling with the Swimlane / OPD at CeBIT. In 1994 Dr. Binner Cim-House GmbH was founded, which later became a Dr. Binner Consulting & Software. At the end of 2006, the former authorized signatories Marco Idel and Frank Schroeder took over the company Dr. Binner Consulting & Software and restructured the three business areas Process Management Tools, Consulting and Process Engine under the company binner IMS GmbH. After the five-year jubilee of the binner IMS GmbH, the three business areas were positively corrected and transferred to sycat IMS GmbH for business process management and proWert Consulting GmbH.

What is sycat?

The name of today's BPM software sycat was derived in the nineties. Systematic CIM analysis tools (sycat) for industrial production and the first approaches of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) were unique at this time. Already in this early development framework of sycat, the premise was from the functional orientation to the processor orientation of the main focus.


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